Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Massage Therapist

You’ll lay there trying to work up the courage to ask. Distracted from your incredible massage because you’re stewing over how to brace the subject.
But how could you ask such an embarrassing question to your massage therapist without them gasping with shock at your brazen inquiry?
Easily. Because it’s very likely that your ‘embarrassing’ question is a pretty common one.
Prepare to relax, because we’ve answered some of the most burning questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask your massage therapist.

How undressed do I get?
You’ve probably pictured yourself getting a little too naked and your therapist walking in with surprise at your bare body under a draped towel. Ultimately, this comes down to your personal preference. Many people prefer to be completely unclothed during a massage, while others feel more comfortable in their underwear or outer garments. It’s a perfectly reasonable question!
Here in Australia we are governed by our “Code of Ethics” which requires our clients to have underwear on.

Should I make general chit chat?
Your level of conversation outside of questions or instructions during your massage is entirely up to you. Your silence isn’t considered impolite, and neither is your talking. If you’re a talker, go ahead! If not, feel free to relax in silence. Just always ensure that if you need or want to communicate something about your massage such as the pressure, pain, or other important topics, you speak up!

Can I use the toilet?
Typically, your therapist will ask if you need to use the toilet before beginning your massage. But if you’re mid-massage and feel the urge, go ahead and ask. Your therapist wants you to be comfortable and there’s nothing more uncomfortable that the urge to use the toilet while someone’s putting pressure on or around that area! Asking is much better than suffering in silence or the other less desirable outcome.

What happens if I fall asleep during a massage?

Then you’d join the millions of other people who fall asleep during their massages.
Massage can be soothing and relaxing and is usually in an environment that promotes calm and rest. You’re not being judged for falling asleep. Sometimes it’s a great compliment!

I’m self-conscious about my body.
Therapists see bodies of all different shapes and sizes across the course of their day. They’re usually unphased about the common things people worry about such as their weight, cellulite, skin imperfections, and scarring. Your comfort level is what’s important. So, let your therapist know if there are areas that you’d prefer them to avoid, or speak to them openly about your concerns so they can work with you to provide the best experience possible.

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